Sunday, September 12, 2010

Submissions Part 2

9 Anna Niestroj (Germany)
10 Anna Schunk (Germany)
11 Anna Vatovich (Greece)
12 Arne Hübner (Germany)
13 Benjamin Kramp (Germany)
14 Bianca Flössel (Germany)
15 Bruno Schmidt (Germany)


  1. Meine Stimme geht an die Nummer 11! ^^ Annas rulez ;)

  2. Genau, 11 is the best so far.

  3. No. 9 not a bad idea, but seems to be not ready yet (and the red nose looks like an asshole... sorry...)
    no. 10 is obviously made on the computer only, it's too crowded with details
    no. 11 is an interesting version of the repeated boring idea of clouds and coloured rain
    no. 12 graphically and technically not really interesting, to boring for a T-Shirt (but maybe with a good thought behind it)
    no. 13 boring and corny
    no. 14 really nice one (here someone thought about getting a picture on a Shirt, but not too much about the motto, I guess)
    no. 15 not a bad idea, but getting colour into it by using a rainbow is far too dull.

  4. Isn't Nr 15 using 4 colours???

  5. number 12: simple but brilliant.
    comes great on a shirt

  6. #11 is wonderful with lovely details!

  7. nr.9, blinkblinks clown ist toll!!
    nr. 19, weil ich tapire mag und
    nr. 69, weil ich vögel noch mehr als tapire mag.

    ansonsten: schöne sachen, wenn auch leider sehr verregnet.