Sunday, September 12, 2010

Submissions Part 4

23 Davidko Beran (Slovakia)
24 Derin Ciler (Turkey)
25 Ed Carosia (Spain)
26 Eleni Iliadou (Greece)
27 Evelyn Toomistu (Germany)
28 Frank Hoehlein (Germany)
29 Gregor Hinz (Germany)


  1. 23 und 28 sind hier die coolest.

  2. No doubt number 26 make the difference...

  3. no. 23 80s revival is over (Thank god!)
    no. 24 seems only pubertal to me
    no. 25 besides I hate pink, the animal really looks like I have seen it 1000 times before - nothing innovative
    no. 26 a good design for a T-Shirt, but (besides i hate pink :-)) I wouldn't be able to identify with the figure (really? A poodle?)
    no. 27 imagine this on a grey Shirt! Yeah, a no-go!
    no. 28 I like the message, but honestly, to copy famous street-Artists don't make it fancy
    no. 29 Oh rescue the golden pony! Could be a picture in a nice picture book, but on a shirt?

  4. I like the art of anonymous! mmm... oh-no, anonymous is not an artist, is a critic... snif! so sad...


  5. I want the zebra (25) on a t-shirt!

  6. i really like the funky zebra too! (no.25)